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Shortbus (2006)

Shortbus - Uncensored Trailer
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"It's everything you need to get through the next two years of George Bush"

George Bush is history but there's still all kinds of shit in our lives, and oftentimes films as raw as Shortbus is exactly what we need to remind us of the variety of shits going on in other people's lives. And if you're like me, it'll be so easy to visualize yourself going through the same craps because it feels so real. Too real.

Shortbus follows frustrated New Yorkers - men, women, straight, gay - who struggle with love and sex. A married sex therapist who's never had an orgasm, a gay couple who's considering allowing another guy into their relationship, a hippie dominatrix who's trying to have real human interaction and connection bla bla. They all meet in an underground club called "Shortbus" where people gather for music, art, and.....orgies. It's heaven basically.

Sophia exploded during a therapy session:

I feel for Sophia, really. As one of the patrons in the club said to Sophia, "you have one really blue clit". Very depressing indeed. I can just imagine one day, there'll be a movie based on the story of a sex blogger who never had sex and never had an orgasm. Oh tidak. Click here to watch the ladies talk about what it's like when they have an orgasm (or not).

The gay couple opening their relationship up, sexually. With a new sexual partner and a stalker, it became so complicated, you don't even want to go there. You might think most gay/lesbian couples are pretty open with what they're willing to explore in sex, but truth is, some are unwillingly to make their holes available. One of the guys in the couple (James) never allowed anyone to do penetration, until they had threesome (or was it foursome, i don't remember). He finally opened up and let the other guy (not his partner) into his world/hole. Ouch. That must have hurt a lot. Uncoincidentally, our lesbian friend also told us about how her uptight, always-freaking-out gf still hasn't given her the permission to enter. She was asking for our advice on how to pop that question and make her comfortable with penetration. If you have experience in this and are willing to help our friend out, please leave a comment. She'll be grateful to you for as long as she's still with this gf.

Shortbus - amazing movie #2 by kirkpatti

Trivia"To make the actors more comfortable, the director and the cameramen were stripped naked while filming the orgy scene"  (source: IMDB)

With people having real sex, the movie's very graphic as you can imagine. There were definitely scenes in the beginning that really WOAHed us, which is great. It's honest, playful, emotional and I can't stress enough how real it feels to me.. unlike all the steamy movies we watched recently that are unbearably dirty (Lower City; and I mean literally dirty, not the gatal2 kind of dirty),  less-erotic-than-claimed (Yes), senseless (Bitter sweet), plain and unexciting (Harem and Steam: The Turkish Bath). Well, I have to admit I picked these movies out of shallowness and my recent obsession for middle eastern guys. But seriously these movie were nothing but disappointment. Waste of time and expectation. Perhaps when I feel a need to feed my fantasy for hot arab dudes, I should just go to the grocery store nearby and watch the abang arab who has the sweetest and sunniest smile.

The salon in the movie was modeled after DUMBO but it's gone now. So, if you're looking for a club like shortbus, check out One Leg Up in NYC

"OneLegUpNYC is a service devoted to promoting a "Sensual Movement" for women and men. By creating ever-changing, safe and clean erotic playgrounds, our guests can engage themselves in an unbiased, sensually liberating and respectful atmosphere. 

Through a careful process of selection, we have successfully been able to congregate elegant, friendly and intelligent people with a common interest - to explore and indulge their erotic pleasures in a shared space."

Seems like it could be the perfect playground for people like you and me.

Drowning in sexual openness,
aku yg tak insaf

Educational Stimulation

It is not very often that one can turn on their laptop and get shaken off their seats (yes, pun very intended). But this was what happened to me when I heard of what happened to Northwestern University's diligent human sexuality course students. The 600-student class taught by Professor John Michael Bailey, a man of controversy himself, is now facing media scrutiny after Bailey held a live sex demonstration on campus during an optional extracurricular evening session for his course. The 120 lucky students who attended were shown the whole deal, from arousal, to penetration, to playful times with a sex toy referred to as The "Fucksaw"(please imagine Morgan Freeman's voice saying that). The kinky machine was manned by an unnamed female model who "grabbed the mic - and explained that she had a fetish for being watched by large crowds while having an orgasm" according to one Sean Lavery, a mere freshman (first year student) at NU. She was also generously assisted for the most part of the show by her boyfriend.

The educators.

The man who narrated the explosive show, Ken Melvoin-Berg, co-owner and tour guide of the Weird Chicago Tours headed by the "Network for Kinky People" panel commented that "It was a fun and educational experience. The students seemed to be incredibly pleased. We had a number of them that got closer and closer." Hell yeah! If Aku Tak Insaf were there, I bet she'd be photographed standing front-stage, her nose just inches from all that hard sawing action. To quote Bailey, as he defended his class material, "sticks and stones may break your bones, but watching naked people doing pleasurable things on stage will never hurt you."

I'd have to say, the Prof. seemed to really know what he's doing to attract people to his class. His optional class sessions features have include "The Gay Guys Panel" sessions (where gay men talk about their sex lives), transgender performers, sex offenders, and a discussion session with a swinging couple -- now that's educational. Bailey, who was in fact Chair of Psychology at NU had also published a controversial book titled The Man Who Would Be Queen: The Science of Gender Bending and Transsexualism in which he discussed homosexuality as an inherited trait, and the idea of there being two kinds of transsexualism. Is there really? I have no idea, will have to pick up that book soon by the look of things.

Ahh, yes. Now on to the fucksaw. Here's what the monster that's able to provide "up to 2500 strokes per minute" looks like, for those who are curious (and yes, that includes you, ATI).

Melvoin-Berg, rated by Time-Out magazine as "Best Tour Guide in Chicago" is also in fact tweeting away about the splish-splash right now, with #fucksaw trending in Twitter at the moment.

The tour guide (twitter profile pic)
He also has a Myspace, should you be planning to visit Chicago anytime soon, and think you'd be interested in one of the Weird Tours (Crime Tour, Weird Tour, Sex Tour). An interesting excerpt taken from the profile page:

"Ken Melvoin-Berg is a psychic detective that works with law enforcement agencies assisting with murder suspect cases and gives private psychic readings. He also teaches classes (Out of Body Adventures, Psychic Development, Networking for Kinky People and now the ONLY Sex Tour in the Midwest!) at The Discovery Center in Chicago."
Psychic detective, eh? This reminds me of that TV show we used to watch, Psych. Hm. I need to meet this guy. And Bailey of course. Imagine the storm we're going to conjure if he were to held a forum (or bless him, teach a course) in Malaysia. Hm. It's gonna be a revolution. One word: #fucksaw

Sekian untuk hari ini. This is AYB, that's the news and I'm outta here.
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