Don't look down - when sexual fantasies come true

No Mires Para Abajo (2008)

This is a beautifully sensual movie that you should watch with your gf. Your girl would like this film even if she's not as gatal as us. In a way, I think girls would like this better than guys since Tantric sex is mostly about prolonged love-making, sexual harmony and union, concentrating and savoring every moment of the experience. It's just so romantic and intimate (nothing dirty, rude or kinky) that I don't see why your girl wouldn't like it. Oh plus, the guy is a cutie. Feels like keeping him in my pocket je

The young lad (Eloy) accidentally falls onto the lady (Elvira)'s bed through her skylight when he's sleepwalking on the roof. It so happens that Elvira practices Kama Sutra and she offers to teach Eloy, who's obviously innocent but curious dalam bab2 ni, the essence of Tantric sex.

As you see in the trailer, most of the sex scenes involve Elvira, the guru, guiding Eloy through spiritual talks and principles of Tantric Sex "Slowly, slowly. Enjoy the moment". Yang best nye, she has little games and challenges for him. Tengok tu: "our first goal will be for you to reach 81 thrusts without climaxing". Adoi. 81 kot So impossible for a guy who just started having sex to be extra sabar and tahan from coming. Just look at his helpless face when he said "I'm going to die"...kesian him. If I were the lady, I probably would give in to this cute little boy. "Ok, takpe la. just come. We'll try again next time." *pat his hair* No wonder I'm not a guru. So permissive. But, that could just be because this guy has this kiddish cute look and I tak sampai hati to be cruel and not let him come. I have to admit though, other times I simply enjoy seeing guys' tak tahan face whenever they want to come but can't, either because they themselves want to hold longer or the girls explicitly/implicitly want them to continue. I just like to watch guys suffer in bed. Haha. How psycho does that sound?

I'd say this is not a movie for you to masturbate to. You can, but I just feel like you'd appreciate it more if you're watching it with your partner. You could also learn along with Eloy, following through Elvira's technical talks. Who knows what kind of out-of-body experience you might have when you hold your orgasm long enough (81 thrusts, according to her). If you can't imagine what it would be like, watch Eloy's expression around 0:33. Looks like he's singing like a diva but nope, that's when he reaches the state where he can mentally travel to some other places. How amazing.

I just can't get enough of the face Eloy makes (and of course the deep breaths, saliva sallowing and strong and fast heart beat) when he's trying to control his climax while Elvira talks him through.. whatever it is.... I really don't think many guys can stand this. The girl keeps talking and you're not allowed to come. All I can say is, be patient when you are facing the same situation. It's for your own good.

Let's end this post with a Latin dance featuring Elvira and her grandma. One last time, I have to say Eloy's expression is simply priceless. I want to own him!

Learning to love as God commands,
aku yang tak insaf

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  1. the guy looks someone's (maybe) ex jugak.


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