Get out of your bed: Sex and the office

If you hate your workspace as much as I hate mine, one of the many ways to spice things up is to turn it into a playground. Why do you think some people like to pretend they are workaholics and always work late even when it's totally unnecessary? Or why some people look like they work their asses off but nothing seems to ever get done?

I've viewed webcam of chatters (who are supposedly at work) who focus their cam on the project that goes on under their desk -- rubbing the buddy that's suffocating under those suit pants. Well, of course there are people who go further and do it with their colleagues or bosses but so far I haven't been lucky enough to see it live on webcam. Damn.


1. Bored.
Single best reason to have some fun.

2. Opportunity of getting promoted, if you sleep with the right one.
Having Christmas sex with the boss to get a promotion
15% of women have slept with their bosses -- and 37% of them got promoted for it

3. Excitement
Like any form of public sex, it's the potential of getting caught that drives you and I crazy.

4. Ashamed of own apartment but kedekut to pay for hotel room
Either the apartment is too buruk, you're still staying with your parents, or you're simply homeless. Doesn't hurt to make use of the company's resources.

5. Can't wait to be fired. 

"You have nothing to lose, except your job." Best example: Bill Clinton


1. Bathroom
Not just a perfect place for you to waste time/escape from work or dump your wastes. Rock the restroom baby.

2. Own office
Get whoever's willing to perform oral while you're discussing business with your client over the phone. Confirm deal la

Who says it has to be the guy doing the real work? It's time ladies take over the serious work and let guys do the blowjob 

3. Storage room/supply closet

4. Copy machine glass
Don't leave a sticky gift behind for your fellow workers.

5. Any desk/conference table/chair/couch

6. Whatever surface you can find at your workplace. 
Be creative.


Tips for having sex in the office and not get caught:

Scarlett Johansson in "He's just not that into you". She came to Bradley Cooper's office to have sex with him but was interrupted by his wife's surprise visit. Baru je nak excited..potong stim je. Cis.

Beware of naughty cameras though. *wink* If the cleaning lady comes into your room carrying a mop but wearing only a G-string, halau her ok.

Chicken soup for the office sex curious souls: Download the office sex survival guide here. Not recommended for people who are lazy to even read what we write. It's 36 pages long and some of the topics are on dating/more serious relationship with your colleague. If you're just interested in some hanky panky or malays like to call having "scandals", perhaps you can check out  The Hook-Up Hotspot? Work! (page 13) and Your Other, Other: Your Work Spouse (page 22). I'm starting to like the term work spouse already. Tak sabar to have one....or more.

Find a colleague/boss to have sex with in the office next week and you'll be surprised how much you look forward to going to work. Good luck perverts!

Can't wait to become a boss and harass my male subordinate yang handsome2,
aku yg tak insaf

p/s I love you my cayunk, aku yg berdosa. I don't want you to feel neglected just because I didn't mention you in this post. You're always in my mind tau. I'm so glad I finally allowed myself to accept your urutan just now and baring on your laps is one of the most beautiful thing that happened today kan kan? Promise me you won't show your C-cup boobs to other people please. Jealous I nanti :(


  1. I'm sorry. This post is somehow very plain and not enticing enough. I appreciate you time and effort to put in some obvious facts. It might be great if you can 'spice it up' more as you did in your posts sebelum2 ni.

    Just between you and me, I'm starting to think it's another post by Aku Yang Berdosa (no offense). Her recent posts dah getting bagus but you... Spice it up, seriously

  2. There you are, SukaSepet.

    writing a less steamy post is the only way to lure you into commenting. i'll do whatever it takes to get you to say something here just so aku yg berdosa knows u r still silently reading our blog. if not, she'd ask "mane sukasepet? dh xbace blog kite ke? ingatkan fan" every now n then when she's reminded of your constructive comments.

    so..saje2 want to make u come out, barulah i can say hi to the low profile follower (a strict one apparently). Hi SukaSepet.

    anyway, thanks for your honest remarks. feel free to saman us when the post is not spicy enough.

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