I succeeded by saying what everyone else is thinking. 
- Joan Rivers 

Kau Greasy, Aku Steamy blog contributors are aku yg tak insafaku yg berdosa, two indecisive perempuans who decided to blog a little too late. we only exist on the net, so basically no names, no cell phone numbers, no addresses. don't ask for them. 

we want to become your favorite directory to steamy movies and greasy food. 


just kidding. 

we're basically doing this for the sake of entertainment, and to spread our passion for things that are misunderstood and much under-appreaciated (we think). WE ARE NOT asking you to disrespect your parents, religion, or anything for that matter. things we share on here are purely for fun and laughs, and it is not our intention to blatantly offend any party. 

for now we don't even know what to fill in for this 'about' section, so dengan cincainya, here's a list of our likes. 

aku yg tak insaf is an out-of-control pig. she likes:

          greasy food. despise char kuey teow yang tak cukup oily.
           greasiness = happiness.
organic guys.  prefer orang asli who knows how to climb a coconut tree to petik coconut for the thirsty gf way more than guys who know how to dress up
gossips.  are meant to be spread
lagu jiwang karat &rock kapak.  suka emo2 and berkaraoke at home with aku yg berdosa
stay home and do nothing. biggest blessing in life
sleep.  slept away my golden years with 5 hours of afternoon nap and 7 hours of sleep at night. best tak?

aku yg berdosa suffers from split personality & sering merasakan dirinya hidup didlm kepura-puraan. tough lyfe. she likes:

chocolate boys.  the hardy boys.
KFC.  this is the glue to my partnership with ATI.
6 packs / nice abs oh how i wish.
comedy & humor.  come on make me laugh.
trippy travels. 

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