Banyak kali vs. lama-lama

Lion Mating Rituals - The most amazing videos are a click away

guys, tak payah susah2 tahan lama2. kalau memang dah tak tahan, tiru je macam lions -- do it every 30 minutes for 4 days straight, which amounts to 192 kali in 4 days. adoi, mampu ke? the best record that i know of so far is 12 times per night but for just 1 night. so kalau ada orang berjaya challenge this human record, and even get close to lion's standard, share with us pleaseeeeeeeeeee

~aku yg tak insaf

Trasgredire (2000) aka Cheeky

This is pure ero stuff, which looked like it came straight from some guy's candy-assed wet dream. Probably the director, Tinto Brass'. Being girls, of course, we do not share the same dream material as you horny guys out there, so this was quite a difficult movie to watch - sampai pening2 tu! Tapi jgn risau, review ni adil, fair n square. ;)

This is the dvd cover. if u're sick n tired of dvd cover yg penuh mystery, nampak je mcm cool tapi content mmg blehh, then u'll be happy (i guess). in this case, dvd cover ni mmg paling straightforward so u get exactly what u see. lots and lots of bum and below action which seems to be the director's main focus. there's practically no guys in here, so if u hate hairy balls n love the ladies, this is for u.

on the set - harem scene

if u think the actress' behind is lawa then u'll be glad to know that the front pun match the behind jugak. she's also 'allergic' to underwear, so you won't see her in any throughout most of the film.

cinematography is not bad for softcore stuff mcm ni, with saturated colors to lure you in (like those fast food restaurant signs), so it looks like porn, but not cheap porn. again i nak stress how straight to the point this movie is, so if ur the impatient type yg mcm, mana boobs dia ni takde pun?! u can just chill, cause even the starting credits dah penuh dgn stuff yg boleh membatalkan puasa & memeningkan reviewers mcm kami ni. there's also intense girl-on-girl action, so be warned (or get ready).

supposedly there's supposed to be drama, romance, and comedy... but don't be fooled. we didn't laugh, except for one part which features pendayung sampan yg gigih berusaha. malangnya yg lebih banyak gelak dlm movie ni is the actress herself, in her dubbed italian voice. seriously an annoying laugh... but who knows.. might turn you on... just like their japanese-style moaning would. pretty rare la kot for europeans.

this movie is NR (not rated). our rating: 2/10 (tak cukup grease) but we think straight guys will love this. probably NOT the best movie to share with your girl unless she has a sense of humor and/or is infatuated with u, in which case she might not focus on the movie at all.

aku yg berdosa

Job Ad

One of our blog's loyal followers should find this familiar :)

yang unemployed,
aku yg tak insaf

A lovely pakcik

No need to explain much kan? KFC never disappoints. I think whoever thought of this slogan in the first place, memang humble and underestimated kfc's charm. It's not just good. It's awesome. I don't think we can be friends if you don't like kfc. Dulu masa kecik, I only get to eat kfc on birthdays of family members or if I get lucky masa I keluar with my uncle. Masa kolej, we only go to kfc ramai2 if there's any major celebration. Sigh. I nak promise dekat colonel sanders, if I ever become rich and dapat beli makanan yang mahal2, there'll still be a spot in my heart n stomach for kfc.  Maybe I nak jadikan KFC as the secret code between my future husband and I as "nak sex malam ni"..but that's my idea now. Jangan curi, especially you, aku yang berdosa. You all should find your own secret code with your lover too!! Sayang kfc. muahhh

~ aku yg tak insaf

Anatomie de l'enfer

Anatomy of Hell (Anatomie de l'enfer)

In short, this movie is about a gay man being paid to watch a naked woman for 4 days. Sounds plain and uninteresting enough. But I swear with my life, it's mind-blowing. Biasenye, we should be a little skeptical kalau mat salleh yang guna language over2 macam ni. but the same words when used by asians, u kena la percaye.

Ade a few scenes dalam cerita ni yang i takkan lupa for the rest of my life. Amateur steamy movie audiences might find some of these scenes too disturbing or outrageous. But we cannot stress enough the importance to stay open-minded as you read our posts and watch the movies we recommend. If you open your heart and accept this film, you'll find it both visually and mentally provoking..and the images will stick in your head for a long long time.

I tak nak pretend I know the message behind movie ni but yang penting, this is not a typical french porn. As a preview, kene la share n describe the unforgettable scenes in the film...

Perempuan tu masukkan her used tampon dalam gelas tu and told the guy to drink her menstrual blood. how creative is that? nak do that toooo. any volunteer?

Ada satu lagi ni also very pelik (sorry tak de gambar)..laki tu menusukkan cangkul dalam the lady's butt. *ouch* Very painful indeed but it was a fine piece of art. Malam ni, maybe I should create my own masterpiece by shoving the floor lamp (the tinggi, standing kind) in aku yg berdosa's butt while she's asleep and keep the lights on. How beautiful is that? This is how inspirational steamy movies are to me. You should have your own experiment too..

Bonus tip: at some point, a terung-like object will jatuh from the lady's donut hole. so pay attention when the camera focuses on the actress's private part. you won't want to miss that

Trivia: Main actor is the director's bf. Bayangkan watching n directing your syg to be intimate with another person. Oh well, maybe it's not that hard after all. Some people fantasize about watching their partners have sex with another person/other people. Perhaps the director didn't make the role specially for the bf out of professionalism, but to fulfill her sexual fantasy.

Knowing how homosexuality works, the female character still wants to seduce him with her naked body and attempts to ungayize the male character. That's really ambitious. Rasanye in reality, memang susah to convertkan gays. A woman can be nakal and see if a gay man will be turned on by her naked body or see if years of love n devotion will change his orientation..but seriously, what's the point? Biar la dia cari kebahagiaan dia sendiri. Gays deserve their own happiness too and btw, they are cute

If you are looking for something wild and shocking to stimulate your senses, this is it.

Rating: 9/10

~aku yg tak insaf

smoochie my koochie - a series of misadventures pt. 1

1. Realistic Vaginas

Oh tidak. Dalam alternate universe dimana I dah berhusband tapi dah menopause, perlu ke consider this as an anniversary gift?

oh 7idak.

this ain't meat sir, it's plastic. 

At least for now, kpd lelaki di luar sana, kami syorkan supaya anda mengekalkan kelelakian anda by sticking to a HJ, BJ, or a ZJ sahaje.

2. Online Muslim Sex Shop
hi aku tak insaf, this is so yo wedding gift, syg u

Halal dihadapan, haram dibelakang. Ni peringatan to all you wrong hole-rs~
FYI, the first official 'muslim' sex shop (that we know of) is in Amsterdam... nakalnya Europeans ni kan.

It's also available online. But for the record, ATI and myself tak penah beli apa2 kat situ. Kami agak2 shipping akan mahal.

3. Abang Urut services

It seems like everyone is a part time masseuse/ tukang urut nowadays. But I don't blame them.. it could be the economy.

Namun, kami agak gembira dgn service yg sedang tumbuh mcm cendawan ni. Should we be old and partnerless and masseuse-less one day, we know where to go.

mane satu nak pilih? jeng jeng jeng...

aku tak insaf punya favorite - grr. tough&garang

We found tons of sites like this, tapi ni bukan blog pasal body to body massage kan. Banyak gila la. Some like this one even lengkap dengan body stats, for all u ppl yg cerewet dengan ukuran body tu - fcmassagejb

4. Kuih Kooci
curi dari

Kuih ini comel berkilat, innocent dah tidak bersalah. Ianya untuk dimakan sahaja, and no, it's not an aphrodisiac... (unless ade org spike dgn Viagra). MmmMmm sedap! (No innuendos intended).

Puasa tak wei?! 

Aku Yg Berdosa


What do a Christmas tree and a priest have in common? 

Their balls are just for decoration.

Merry Xmas,
aku yg tak insaf


Naked burglars left sex tape clue

   Police had an easy job identifying a naked couple who broke into a house and filmed themselves having sex - because they left the camera behind. The man and woman were caught having sex on camera at a home in Elma, Washington state, when someone arrived to collect the mail while the homeowner was away. The naked couple fled, but left behind their camera - which enabled Gray Harbor police to identify the two suspects, reports the Seattle Daily Weekly.
   "We're not sure what the motivation for the break-in was but it's a fair bet to say narcotics may have been involved," an officer told the Seattle Daily Weekly.
   The 39-year-old woman was arrested later that evening. A warrant has also been issued for the 31-year-old man. And both may face more charges, since the camcorder that was their undoing was also found to be stolen during a separate break-in.

--- not sure what the motivation was? it's like having sex in your parents' bedroom la kan? baru la exciting. kakaks become naughtier as they get older and the toyboys are willing to play along and nakal2 with them. so why not?

Testicle festival to grab tourists?

   Tourism chiefs in Serbia are hoping their annual testicle cooking competition will do for the region what whisky did for Scotland. The Testicle Cooking World Championship in Ozrem takes place for the seventh time this year and is open to cooks from all over the world.
   Dishes, said to have aphrodisiac qualities, are made from the testicles of animals including bull, wild boar, horse, shark, ostrich, kangaroo, donkey, turkey, goat, reindeer and elk. Organisers admit they rarely get chefs from abroad - but they are hoping that the festival will start to attract international visitors to sample the food.
   Festival organiser Ivo Mokovich said: "The importance of a recognisable brand to sell a region cannot be underestimated - look at how many people go to Scotland because of the whiskey or how many people know Switzerland because of their cheese and chocolate. "We are now hoping that the many famous and varied testicle dishes that we have created in the region will become world-famous and attract people who appreciate good food from all over the world."
   The testicle cooking contest starts on 27 August with elimination heats leading through to the final three days later on 29 August.
   Mr Mokovich added: "This year the theme is let your imagination run free - we have allowed the entrants to submit dishes using any kind of testicles that they want - large or small - and we're looking forward to seeing what the expert Serbian testicle cooks come up with."

--- teringin nak beli some testicles and cook at home..just the way i'd like them to be. tak nak la besar sangat...sebab aku yg berdosa suka size yang comel2 je. 

news from

~ aku yg tak insaf

Antara Dosa, Trash Collector & Tentera

First time tengok Wayward Cloud dgn Aku Tak Insaf (ATI), aku rasa agak berdosa. 

Rasa berdosa macam tahap kita akan nak palingkan muka jauh2 dari screen, kerut2 dahi, sambil mulut kumat kamit. Kejap2 "ishhh".. kejap2 "weeihhhh".. kejap "astagaaa"... Kononnya lah! Tapi, lepas tu okay pulak. It's like korang naik kapal terbang,  takut pun, kapal terbang tu akan tetap berlepas, hopefully mendarat, then korang akan keluar mengahadap view yg baru. Ataupun macam first time naik bus, LRT, teksi, or first time buat apa-apa pun. Macam tengok movie yg korang minat untuk kali kedua, you'll notice benda yg tak pernah notice sebelum ni. Proses pembukaan minda lah konon. 

Sedikit about me, I'm a freak yg kononnya everything aku buat, mesti akan fikir, benda ni patut letak category baik ke, buruk? Sin or not? Sometimes, selalu over fikir sampai erti sebenar benda tu dah hilang. Or jadi menyusahkan benda yang senang. ATI selalu cakap, "tak payahlah nak pura2 innocent". 

In a way, betul jugak. Why not just experience things, let it be n then just take whatever is positive from there? Takyah nak banyak pertikaikan benda ke tahap yg terlampau. 

I'm not sure direction sebenar blog ni, sama macam I'm not sure of the direction of my life. But, die die also must love. Aku sendiri tak pasti apa itu love. Maybe if kau sanggup basuh someone's taik untuk seumur hidup kau and enjoy it, that is love. Mungkin, cinta itu adalah sangat pelik, definisinya pun pelik, benda yg kau jatuh cinta tu pun pelik2. Macam ATI jatuh cinta dengan softcore porn yg 'creative'. 

Contohnya, apa yg reaksi korang bila tau someone tu trash collector? Mungkin tak sama dengan reaksi bila tau seseorang itu tentera, bukan? Namun hakikatnya, kedua2nya mempunyai persamaan yg agak melampau. Trash collector juga berjuang untuk mengharumkan negara. Sama seperti tentera, dengan menaiki truck besar, mereka merantau onak dan duri serta sanggup mengaharungi dugaan dan cabaran yang lain. 

Trash collector shift malam, lagi bagus. Tengok lah O FANTASMA kalau nak tau pasal life dorang. Their hopes, dreams and aspirations. (Untuk lelaki di luar sana, YA, ada juga trash collector wanita). Maybe you will find that they are just like you.

This movie's rating: Agak intense. Some scenes painful to digest, agak real. Takde sex scenes ala Hollywood, if that's what you're looking for. 

Seperti movie dan benda2 lain yg direcommend oleh kami, if you do decide to watch it, tolong pastikan anda lihat dengan mata dan hati yang terbuka. Ingat, terpulanglah pada korang mcm mana nak tafsir movie2 ni. Kami syorkan juga lihatlah beramai2, or at least lebih dari sorang supaya kurang rasa "WTF!" dan boleh bergelak ketawa dan tidak rasa bosan. Bawa juga bantal dan selimut, kerana mungkin tertidur ketika sedang menonton. 

No one can live without love! - O Fantasma

Aku Yg Berdosa

Awan Bertingkah

Proudly present fav movie i since last may. masa tu kawan i recommend cerita ni and i terus jatuh cinta dengan director and movie ni, sampai i tengok movie ni 4 kali in 7 months.

This is how crazily in love I was (and I still am) with this film. Absolutely creative and amazing *lompat2 and tangan bergetar2 like Gordan Ramsay* Movies by director Tsai Min Liang memang deep, controversial and definitely creative. dia actually malaysian tapi belajar and make films mostly in Taiwan. but kalau tak silap, Europeans yang truly know and appreciate him. cita2 i is to become THE tsai min liang in my field of work. tak kesah la not as famous or glamorous as some celebrities who don't even deserve to be popular, as long as i'm known for my audacity and/or inappropriate creativity and there are people who love and understand my work. sebelum i reach that goal, i'll continue to be the spokewoman for Tsai and his films. Of secondary importance, cerita ni la yang membukakan pintu aluminium bagi aku yg berdosa and i to the world of steamy movies and it definitely set a high standard for other visually-striking movies. Of course, kemungkinan besar u cannot stand the slow pace or tak faham langsung apa yang nak disampaikan..but hopefully it'll open your eyes and intrigue your mind. don't expect to find any eye candy in here 'coz actor tu (Lee Kang Sheng) tak de la handsome..tapi kalau nak buat cerita pasal orang biasa, buat apa nak carik orang yang handsome2, baru la macam watching story about jiran you or passerby-A, B, C, or D on the street.

Anyways..if you decide to watch this movie after reading this, it shows that you're open-minded, adventurous,   artistic, etc etc. Based on experience, i rasa if u r not into movies yang ade meaning2 tersirat, don't watch this alone. lepas tengok, jangan lupa bagi comment u. nak cari orang yang share the same passion as i do. it's so lonely being alone up here where no one else gets it. cehwa. lupa pulak nak bagi tau..after watching this, tembikai will never be the same again.

The Wayward Cloud

Rating: 9.9/10

~aku yg tak insaf

ZOMG First post kot

"There is joy in three things; eating meat, riding meat and putting meat into meat." from the kama sutra

hari ni kita only dapat 1 joy je..nape tak de org nak fulfill nafsu kitorang ni. *roarr*

sebaik from that joy, kira dapat macam satu orgasm yang boleh overshadow this sad state. anyways..

dah first post kene la ade intro, even though tu skema n bukan style kita. ok..mesti ade orang rase kita ni skema n poyo, tp biar la kita. ni blog kita pon. suke ke xsuke, STOP TALK!

oh lupe..nak intro kan. blog ni datang dari kesedaran from YM chats mmg ramai yg dah jatuh tergolek dalam syurga of maksiat. and apparently kita je yang still tak penah menikmati kesedapan yg diorang rase tu. actually, ade la 1 or 2 activities yg dah korang pandai2 je la teka ya. blog ni akan reveal benda2 yg boleh bg kite orgasm just by knowing/looking at them. kite nak share ngan korang and kita pon harap dapat feedback from u all. kalo ade info yg best, jangan lupa share ngan kita.

as a note to ourselves, kita akan focus on steamy movies/porns, food, men, sex, gossips, gay&lesbians n all the other things yang kita kecoh abt at home. so tak yah la bace blog ni if u r looking for study tips, motivational advice or anything beneficial like that.

sekarang ni ade 2 orang je yg maintain blog ni: aku yg berdosa & aku yg tak insaf. kite tak de kaitan pon, cuma 1 persamaan yg kita ade je skarang..kita gemok n desperately need to diet. so mana la tau kan, by the time kita blog next time, kite dah kurus. ye la tu. esok la kita tulis blog lg. kalo boleh, ideally, kita dapat fan group masing2. so masa korang baca tu, jgn lupa baca signature tu. aku yg berdosa tu kadang2 nak sound philosophical..aku yg tak insaf tu..memang uncontrollably haram (kalo u tak faham apa maksud ni, baik u baca the rest of our blog). any post yg kita tulis same2 tu, kite akan sign off as sepetmelayu.  okla..nak off ni. aku yg berdosa dh nk gi dating.

jgn rindu2 kita. love u
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