Ma Mere (2004)

"There are no boundaries to desire"

Ma mère (French for "My mother") is not for anyone. You gotta put aside your closeted thinking, mindset, principles, otherwise I boleh guarantee you'll feel very disturbed with everything you see on screen. It's dark, bold, and perverted. The trailer doesn't show you all the woah scenes but the first two lines dah terus boleh give you a sense of where this film is heading.

Son to Mum: I'm happy to be alone with you. I have you all to myself. 

Raise your hand if you've said something like this to your mum before. I salute you.

Maybe our mums are nothing like this specific mum. Or perhaps our taste is not as unique as the son's. As much as I don't like to follow the mainstream, in this case, I really don't feel the need to be the odd, special one. I admit I always think my dad's pretty good-looking, but I'm not that crazy to want him all for myself. Kalau his wife bagi pun, no thanks.


After the father died, the mother (Helene) reveals her true, immoral, promiscuous self and invites her son (Pierre) into her world of wild parties, alcohol, drugs, and of course, sex.

Mum to Son: "If you really love me, then admit that I am disgusting."

Helene decides that it's time for Pierre to become a man, so she sets him up with her mistress/FB (fuck buddy), Réa. Encouraged by the mother, Réa takes his virginity just outside of a shopping center, with the mum watching from far. Pierre later fell in love with Hansi, another friend of Helene.

A scene in which Pierre turns into a doggie that likes to lick.

Pierre never really stop longing for his mum even when he's in a relationship with Hansi. The suffocating sexual tension eventually leads to a moment of forbidden intimacy between them. A semi-spoiler: the final scene is a shocking scene that you just can't miss. So, if you aren't curious enough to sit through the whole film, at least fast forward to the ending and watch it. Let me just say that there's no lack of sexually-charged scenes in this movie but a lot of them are not the loving, tender, happy kind that makes people feel bahagia or jealous. I personally think it's not something to watch with your significant other (or your mother, of course). It can be a little too heavy for a movie date night, unless dah tak tau nak buat apa and both of you are comfortable with it.

As you can guess, I get easily impressed by the audacity of French movies, contohnye Anatomy of Hell. Is it the wine and cheese thing that make French people so naturally daring? Some would think this is meaningless and sick (there's an extremely critical and negative review about this film on imdb. Click to read.) . But there's nothing wrong with going a little overboard in movies and I don't care if this is porn or art (that's up to you to decide anyway). If a film can't make me laugh or cry, it should be at least stimulating or even a little offensive. Not saying Ma mère is an outstanding movie, but to us, it's a memorably ridiculous one we'll never forget.

"I admit that her ass and joy in God are both holy. In fact, her ass makes me understand that I never really loved God.", said Pierre

To find out whose ass he's referring to -- his mum or his gf -- download the full movie here

Btw, someone called me aku yg bersalah the other day. Not too happy about that. Since when I bersalah?! Cis.

always berbetul,
aku yg tak insaf


  1. hahaha...wey..part last tuh lawak..aku yg bersalah...
    sorry called u that last time...
    marah kew?

    btw..nice recommended movie..
    going to download it

  2. tak marah pon. happy sangat2. if u tak download, baru la marah


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