Lately, I've been too tired to think about sex. I still think about this blog, just not sex. If my man can't perform in bed because of his crazy workload, I think I might be his understanding lady and allow him to love me less.

Then again, it's hard to picture myself becoming that kind of woman. I expect too much from people. If you can't concentrate, don't initiate a conversation. If you can't give me your whole self, don't offer me your heart (or dick). Once you decide you have what it takes to become a victim of my possessiveness, there's no turning back. Friends and lover(s) alike. 

Totally unrelated: yesterday I passed by a kedai urut in the shopping mall. Written on the poster:

Foot   RMxx/hour
Body  RMxx/hour
Soul   RMxx/hour

Soul...soul?! How do you urut someone's soul? Serious amazing. Should have checked with the staffs wth is that. Nevermind. Dekat je. I'll go back one day and check that out. If they berjaya to find my long-lost soul, I don't mind paying 30 or 40 to have it massaged too.

hoping soul massage will be as best as this

Another weird stumbleupon: Neuro-gasm

NeuroGasm® is a delicious, lightly carbonated drink formulated with ingredients to promote "playful" energy. So often our hectic lifestyles deprive us of the energy needed to engage in various activities. NeuroGasm provides ingredients at effective dosage levels supplying energy for all the playful activities you choose.  Included in NeuroGasm is the synergistic combination of caffeine and L-theanine. Caffeine and L-theanine are ingredients found in green tea; in conjunction they provide energy without the edginess commonly associated with caffeine alone. Other NeuroGasm nutrients include Alpha GPC, Phosphatidylserine and a full range of B-vitamins. NeuroGasm provides energy for whatever activity you have in mind. 

Sounds exactly like what I need nowadays. The energy to be playful. I have no activity, playful or not, in mind. I don't even have nafsu for food. I still eat but I don't fantasize about food anymore. When I have some alone time at the end of the day, I just feel like sitting and mindlessly scrolling through pictures. Yep, pictures. Static and motionless, just like me. I don't even have the capacity to handle videos.

When the long weekend's finally here, I thought I regained some energy and have nafsu for something: movies with a group of men doing stupid things that can make me laugh. How I miss The Big Lebowski, Super Troopers and The Hangover. By the time I finished buying the dvds, I quickly realized that I was tired again and not that excited to watch those movies anymore. Now the dvds are still lying inside the black plastic bag untouched. Damn. I really need to be playful and think about sex again. Tahi la.

Before I can use some Neurogasm to give me the energy to do something playful, I need to reinstall the playful activities gadget in my system. Any product that can help me with that?

I think I need this....



and this....

all of them here....

with myself, of course. It'll be a little crampy for a party of 5, but I guess they won't mind, coz I certainly don't.'s full of hope again. Turning me on is as simple as this.

Or if you happen to be my type, I'll turn into a switch with automatic sensor -- you just need to walk by and I'll be automatically turned on.

easily satisfied,
aku yg tak insaf

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