Get a Grip

I hate exercising and I don't like men who are too obsessed about gymming and working out. Muscles should come by naturally from doing regular physical work like water well drilling, wood chopping, house maintenance etc.

Ok fine. These aren't that regular. I'll never find a man who wears suits and knows how to do all those things.

Never mind. I don't really care if he wears suits. I favor men in white tshirt and jeans (untucked).

Forget it. I actually prefer guys to be naked.

How beautiful. The shadows of the blinds make him look like a zebra, but still he's a gorgeous zebra. Geram.

Anyway, a few videos of men doing some kind of manual work. So ridiculous they make me laugh. Only one of them is for real. See for yourself.

Hilariously hideous. Life's miserable without ridicule and someone to care for your sexual well-being....

stomach's full of soup,
aku yg tak insaf

1 comment:

  1. it's actually good idea for anyone who is considering having sex to buy condoms.


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