Discreet Aid

Not looking forward to Monday. Don't know about aku yg berdosa. I for sure am not excited about leading the life of an adult. I hope after this, I'll still feel young/childish and wild enough to do something as useless as writing a sex blog. Not really useless but when people know about this blog, their first impression is almost always "you've got nothing better to do". Ya, so what? I can afford to waste time on this. Biar la me.

I wish I can still say the same a few months from now. Don't wanna grow up and become a sensible adult. Tak nak. 

(Too moody to think of reasonable transition)


Handzoff Anti-Masturbatory Gum

“We know nature's urges can arise at the most inappropriate of times. That's where HandzOff Anti-Masturbatory Gum comes in handy. When you've got the fire down low and must say no -- chew HandzOff instead. Two handz off chews offer 4 to 6 hours of relief.  You may chew up to 120 pieces daily as needed."

God bless your jaws don't get dislocated after chewing 120 freaking pieces of this gum. One of the most senseless sex products. (don't) Get it here

Another meaningless but slightly more macho gadget...

Nasa Scope Sperm Microscope

Use the various lens to get a maximum magnification of 1200 times and REALLY get to know how your body works. This set includes not only the powerful yet novice-friendly microscope, but also samples for you to test out your scientific skills before you get more personal.

Come on. Do you REALLY need to know how your body fluid looks like at 1200x super close-up? I bet you do. US$137 sahaja. Investment of a lifetime baby.

Boys, your toys are too childish. Take a look at the ones designed for us. Much more sophisticated and refined.

The Duet USB Vibrator

Watch the inventors talk about the product.

"Women are afraid of buying batteries because they're afraid that people would look at them as if they're buying batteries for their vibrator"

Tak pernah takut pun. Other than this afraid-to-buy-battery theory, this thing looks pretty promising. I'd buy one, provided no one will ever notice I'm using the same stick to satisfy myself and store my presentation slides. Details about the vibrator and the other options (almost like buying iphone and buddies)

Last one for today..


Not afraid to admit, I want this. Of course there's the risk of either staining my vaginal lips with the real lipstick or overstimulating the lips on my face with this pirated lipstick. But I don't care. I want it. It's a vibrator by the way. From Booty Parlor

pre-Monday blues,
aku yg tak insaf


  1. er.. lipstick? vibrator? hehehe camouflage untuk vibrator dalam bentuk lipstick. genius. totally.

  2. memang brilliant, like the vibrating underwear. you guys only have your left and right hand. too bad


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